Q. What can you do for me as an agency that I would not get from applying myself?
A. You can gain many advantages by finding work through Action First:

  • Interview preparation - we can help make the difference in getting the jobs you really want.
  • We are committed to your career in Social Work and are trained to give the right advice.
  • We can better represent you as an independent advocate of your skills.
  • Gain valuable experience in different fields.
  • Our temporary work often leads to a full-time or permanent placements
  • Direct links to local authorities, private and voluntary organisations... and last but not least we do not charge a registration fee.
  • Full and ongoing support from experienced consultants - we recognise there are teams when you will be busy and under pressure, having an agency that can offer additional support at these times is very much the way we like to operate.

Q. Do I need to get a DBS check with you if I already have one?
A. Yes, to ensure you comply with all of our vetting and safeguarding policies we will require you to hold a valid and up to date DBS. In certain circumstances we would be happy to pay for this - please ask.

Q. Do we pay referral bonuses?

A. Yes absolutely! We have several schemes in place dependent on the level of need and whether the referral goes on to work for us. Please call for full details.

Q. Do we work with Newly Qualified Social Workers?
A. Yes, we recognise the "catch 22" scenario of the need for experienced Social Workers but not the means to give NQSWs the opportunity to gain experience. We therefore offer practical tips in order to gain this experience, it may mean that you will have to be flexible however. Our track record has been good in placing NSQWs.

Q. Can you tell me what the selection process is if you go through an agency? Does the agency choose who gets the job or the employer?
A. Given our years of experience and credibility with certain clients, we are now increasingly moving to a position where we can directly deploy staff upon our interview and recommendation.
This therefore means you may not need to be interviewed more than once. Where client
s interview, we will make recommendations that play a part in the clients decision making.

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